Time for Humanity and Technology to Speak Easy

Connected world – it’s a term we’ve talked a lot about for the last few years and something we are starting to adopt in our everyday lives. Whether controlling our heating system from our smartphones or measuring our health with wearable devices, what was once a futuristic idea has slowly seeped into reality.

We are now seeing an evolution of this in the form of voice activated technology. Its adoption would mean a closer and more intimate relationship between ourselves and technology as we begin to use our most intuitive form of communication to activate them.

This development has led to many questions from consumers, marketers and technologists alike so Mindshare Futures and JWT Innovation produced the “Speak Easy” report in April 2017 to try and tackle some of them.

The study was conducted between January and March 2017 and set to explore voice activated technology and its implications for brands. Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative research, an experiment in neuroscience and interviews from experts the report explores the reality of voice activated technology today and its potential for the future.

The PDF report can be accessed here - - and outlines:

  • What voice activated technology is
  • The current landscape of available products
  • Who is using this technology? Why? How often and where?
  • How is this technology being used?
  • What stops smartphone users from using voice?
  • What do people want from this technology?
  • The short and long-term implications for brands

In Mindshare we are working with our clients to understand how they can find their voice in this space and the report illustrates the opportunity for brands to strengthen emotions relationships with consumers. This report shows that 45% of regular users use voice interaction because it’s fun so novelty is key in promoting initial trial but only when people integrate it as a utility that the strongest connections can be made between consumer and device.

It’s an exciting area with potential that still seems fictitious at times but this report has helped plug some gaps in understanding that can benefit our clients moving forward.

Videos featuring the experts whose views helped form this report can be found here:

Podcast of the report can be found here: