Time To Get Creative With Digital OOH

The Out of Home (OOH) landscape is changing in Ireland and we are starting to embrace digital formats in this market. However, are we using Digital OOH in the most effective way or are we simply just using these formats in the same way as we use printed poster sites?

On Wednesday 16th May, Kinetic Ireland held their D:Four event, where they interrogated the capabilities of Digital Out of Home and how we can use it to successfully engage with consumers and deliver strong business results for our clients. The event began with Aoife Hudson, Deputy MD of Kinetic Ireland, talking through the digital journey that OOH has been on over the past few years. And, although we are not yet near the volume of digital offerings and inventory available versus the UK, the market here is growing and there is a lot more to come from all digital suppliers. 

Dynamism in OOH

Rosh Singh, Director of Digital Innovation in Kinetic UK, then spoke to us about how digital formats are plentiful in the UK, but how it’s important to use them in the right manner. Too many advertisers are still using their poster ads on these sites and there is so much more you can do to make the sites and your marketing budget work harder. He went on to compare our thinking for online advertising to digital OOH where some very similar capabilities now exist.

With the introduction of D:Four, we can now think dynamically when we are planning DOOH, this, based on Adshel Live research, has been proven to increase:

  • Visual attention by 20%
  • Engagement by 32%
  • Sales by 9%

Rosh then discussed some campaigns he has worked on in the UK and outlined ways we should be thinking about our campaigns and utilising DOOH. His main point being that “data is the shortcut to creativity”.

  1. Relevant – Be relevant to the position in which your ad is placed. For example, if you have a placement on a busy road, dwell time on your site can vary. We need to be dynamic and ensure the right message is delivered at the right time. If traffic volume is light, cars will pass by a lot faster, so the message needs to be short and impactful. If traffic however is heavy, the site will have a longer driver dwell time and you can therefore display a more detailed message on your site.
  2. Real time – the ability to display a real-time message based on the weather, traffic, even taxi availability in your area, is becoming more real. We no longer have to base our weather reactive campaigns on forecasts, we can change our messaging to be more relevant at the flick of a switch.
  3. Reactive – thinking dynamic first will enable us to be reactive to events, traffic in our site area, footfall, day of week, time of day or even news stories and celebrity gossip.

​Turning DOOH dreams into reality

We then heard from Jeremy Taylor and Andrew Phipps Newman from These are the people who work with Kinetic to turn all of our digital OOH dreams and ideas into reality! They spoke about their content management system (Rush) that allows us to change ad copy at a moment’s notice. They also took us through their sub-products that enable us to use live data to change ads (Rush+ and Location), along with the interactive capabilities of their products. All utilising digital OOH through dynamic, data driven creative and thinking to deliver effective campaigns for our clients.

Mindshare has already started down this route with clients such as HB and Dyson's reactive campaigns, but this event was a real eye-opener to the capabilities that we can now take advantage of, and the types of campaigns that we can run. No longer do we have to be relevant with the same message for two whole weeks. With the frequency that OOH delivers, we can alternate creative to be more relevant and more engaging. There is great technology available that allows us to deliver more efficient and effective digital OOH campaigns.

With digital inventory growing at a faster rate than ever before and with more to be rolled out over the coming months and years, we need to start thinking about how we now use OOH in a smart and powerful way.