Ten Great Marketing Moments Of 2013

As the last post on our blog for 2013 I thought it was the perfect moment to reflect back over some of the most inspiring, well executed and amusing marketing moments of the year.

1) The WestJet Christmas Miracle. This is WestJet’s follow-up to last year’s Christmas flash mob and the sheer joy on the faces of the lucky recipients makes it a must watch right to the very end.

2) Jean-Claude Van Damme and the Volvo Truck stability test. Volvo Trucks have done an amazing job at creating great content that still delivers brand messaging. Van Damme’s piece was the highlight in a series which has previously featured a ballerina tightrope walking and a hamster steering. The inevitable spoofs have also been excellent, Channing Tatum’s version is my favourite.

3) Oreo’s dunk in the dark. Oreo have become synonymous with real-time social marketing thanks to their very clever post at the moment that the lights went out during the Super Bowl this February. Their follow-up campaign for the Daily Twist was also excellent.

4) The social movement created by Phone Bloks. This campaign started with one guy who wanted to change the way that phones were built and he successfully built a social “thunder clap” whereby others who wanted the same product to be develop could donate their social following and demonstrate consumer demand for change.

5) Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches. This campaign was a lovely evolution of Dove’s ongoing efforts to show the beauty of real women in their ads rather than the normal models. The excellent response regarding men’s self image can be seen here

6) The Twitter party.

7) Chipotle’s The Scarecrow. This Mexican food chain used video and an interactive game to educate on the issue of ethical food sourcing.

8) Coca Cola’s Happiness Machines. This campaign connected India and Pakistan with a visual mechanic and is another evolution of the Coke ambition to share a Coke with the world. It won’t solve the ongoing political tensions, but it demonstrates the ability of a great execution to connect people in a meaningful way. Watch it here

9) Adidas launch their ball for the 2014 World Cup on Vine. Simple execution showing the evolution of their sponsorship from 1970 to 2014. This is a great use of the new micro video formats that have become so popular with consumers.

10) Sainsbury’s What Makes Christmas. I had to end on a seasonal note and this trailer for the film that Sainsburys created with director Kevin MacDonald is emotional but in an authentic way. You can see the full 43 min movie here.