The Sunday Times Gets A Facelift

Anybody who purchased the Sunday Times last weekend would have noticed that it has got a new look! The last change The Sunday Times unveiled was 6 years ago in July 2008 when they went to a full colour paper. This time they have introduced a new font (Glosa) and images are to become more prevalent throughout the paper to give the title “a more vibrant, yet elegant feel,”  according to Eleanor Mills, editorial director of the Sunday Times.

There will also be changes made to the Sunday Times magazine which will be taller and slimmer and the masthead will return to its original format. In addition the travel, home and driving & technology sections will receive new logos.

We are consistently seeing newspaper groups adapting their product to meet the needs of their consumers. In terms of visual impact I feel this latest development by the Sunday Times will benefit the title as they fully utilise the glossy format they use. Consumers I feel will notice these changes due to the very nature of how they are consumed. Over the coming year I am sure we will see further amends to newspaper supplements as they continue to adapt their offering.