SMS no more?

The Irish mobile subscriber is now sending on average 94 text (SMS) messages a month. While that might seem a lot, it’s actually 16.8% less messages when compared to last year, according to the Comreg Q3 report; and even starker when compared to 2012, when over 3 billion SMS messages were sent and now (Q3 2016), just 1.38 billion.

What’s behind the decline? We haven’t been weaned off text messages – we’re merely using different online platforms, like Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp to send them. While Comreg reports text messages declining, the opposite is happening with data usage. There was a 68.9% increase in data usage in Q3 2016 compared to the same period last year. On a monthly basis the mobile subscriber is now using on average 3.4GB of data.

Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Viber; where we can not only send text messages, but also send photos, video, and have friend groups, are now regularly used by Irish smartphone users.

Almost 1 in 2 (45%) of Irish consumers use Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger daily (GroupM Quarterly Tracker Q3 2016)

Earlier this year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed messaging apps supposed dominance over traditional SMS - 60 billion messages sent daily on Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp combined compared to 20 billion traditional SMS messages.

With this rate of decline, where will the traditional SMS message be in 2020? It might be redundant or used only when you have no data coverage or Wi-Fi.  Either way, we will always remember them as the original short msg, even b4 Twitter came on the scene, we had plnty of prctice sqzing our thghts in2 160 charchtrs :-)