Shake Up In Radio Land

The latest JNLR results are in and it can be said the Irish still love radio with 82% of adults listening daily with daily reach growing by 12,000.  There has certainly been a shake-up in radio land in the last year, with changes to schedule and presenters across the national stations and the latest book is testament to that.

2FM have been on the biggest journey of transition over the last year as they completely overhauled their schedule to attract a youth audience. This move has started to see payback for them with latest figures on the rise across majority of programmes. The largest increase for them was on Breakfast Republic with an increase of 9,000 listeners book on book.

Jenny Green’s Electric Disco which airs at 8pm on a Saturday saw gains of 6,000 listeners in the last year. Jenny Green did a collaboration with RTE Concert Orchestra at Electric Picnic in 2016 followed by a sell-out event at Three Arena and these bespoke events certainly drove increased interest in the presenter and indication that increased PR outside of their usual radio slots can help drive listeners.

Across the week, morning shows did well.  Radio One saw growth across all of its morning shows with Morning Ireland maintaining the top spot with 448,000 listeners and continues to dominate the top programme schedule for all adults;

Source: JNLR/Ipos MRBI 2016/4(Jan-Dec16)

Newstalk followed suit with increase across the morning showing the new primetime schedule that came into effect in September was starting to have a positive return but it won’t be until the next book that we see how much of impact this will have.

In contrast, Today FM lost some of the morning listeners with Ian Dempsey down 6,000 but the early afternoon was the strong performer for them with Dermot & Dave gaining 2,000 and Fergal D’Arcy gaining 6,000. Following the new schedule implemented in Jan 2017 with Dermot & Dave moving into the morning slot of 9am-12pm replacing Anton Savage, we would expect to see their listenership continue to grow.

Today FM have further revamped the scheduled by pulling in comedian Al Porter to take over the vacant Dermot & Dave lunchtime slot from Feb 13th. This has certainly repositioned Today FM as moving into the youth space and they have really committed to strong talent on air and in direct competition with 2FM’s youth positioning so the next book will certainly be an interesting one to watch as the stations battle for the top spot.