Rory McIlroy announced as Official Nike Ambassador

It was announced today that Rory Mcllroy has officially become an ambassador for the Nike brand. Signing a 10 year deal reported to be in the region of €200 million. The number one golfer in the world joins a long list of sporting legends who have signed on the dotted line for the sports giant – such as Michael Jordan, Tiger woods and Cristiano Ronaldo. Mcllroy is now the brand ambassador for the Nike brand making him one of the highest paid sports stars in the world. Now in the same league as Floyd Mayweather, Phil Mickleson and fellow Nike ambassador Tiger Woods, Mcllroy becomes the youngest highest earning sports star in the world only two months the senior of yours truly.

With a long list of hugely popular golfers to choose from Nike view Mcllroy as the most marketable name in the sport and Mcllroy stated the reasons he chose Nike were “It’s a company and a brand that really resonates with me, it’s young, it’s athletic, it’s innovative and they are committed to being the best as am I”.

Everything the Nike brand encompasses makes it no surprise that they have chosen the likeable character of the hugely successful world number 1. The potential to activate the sponsorship will reignite the golfing world which hasn’t had a global megastar since Tiger Woods. Clearly Nike view Mcllroy as a long term leader in the sport, one that will uphold the brands character and image for years to come.

Since October the signs have been clear that Mcllroy was on the verge of a lucrative deal with a large sponsor and the knockout blow came just five days ago as he parted ways with Jumeirah the sponsor that had been with the golfer since he turned 18.

Mcllroy broke the news by Tweeting:
“So pumped to officially be a Nike athlete!!! Can’t wait to do many great things in the SWOOSH! @nikegolf”
Within 1 hour the native of Hollywood had received 2500 re-tweets and 1060 favourites, the question arises will his high levels of popularity decline and will he receive negative sentiment as he becomes associated with a brand as large as Nike.

Now the global giant Nike hold the two most valuable golfers in the world and only took minutes to display their new advertisement “No cup is safe” with Woods and Mcllroy side by side.