Is This The Re-Awakening Of Cinema Advertising?

Last week, Carlton Screen Advertising, a household name for many of us, rebranded as Wide Eye Media. The new look Wide Eye Media will look at targeting the 15-24 demographic which accounts for 13% of the total population but more significantly, 28% of all Irish cinemagoers.[i]

Even apart from the 15-24 year olds, the little island of Ireland still has the highest cinema admissions per capita in Europe. The Irish Box Office exceeded the €100 million mark for the eighth consecutive year in 2013 [ii], reinforcing just how much we all love a big tub of popcorn, a cup of the fizzy stuff and a good old film.

Although the Irish people’s love for cinema is indisputable, brands can be reluctant to include it as part of their advertising campaigns. There’s no doubt cinema has been slow to make the transition into the 21stcentury with its digital offering coming in not too long ago. However, this rebranding by Carlton reinforces their desire to be at the forefront of innovative advertising and ensure they are a serious consideration for marketing managers and media buyers alike.

Cinema still offers one of the most captive audiences where advertisers get the chance to see their ads as they should be seen – on a giant screen in a quiet and calm environment with little to no distractions. People have paid to be there and are in a positive and receptive state of mind. Wide Eye Media plans to attract consumers in time for the pre-reel by grabbing their attention, entertaining them and giving them something to talk about. About one third of cinemagoers say that word of mouth influences their film choices and opinions[iii]; Eoin Wrixton, General Manager of Wide Eye Media acknowledges this and is therefore looking to recruit the 15-24 year old ‘adventurer’ in order to ‘’create and share conversation around cinema’’.

At the launch on March 6th, Wide Eye Media re-iterated how cinema has always been a ‘’small player with a big punch.’’ This re-branding campaign looks set to heighten the status of cinema advertising and re-awaken the Irish audience.

Watch the introduction sting here

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[ii] Millward Brown Research

[iii] Behaviours and Attitudes survey for Carlton Screen