Radio's Creativity Shines Bright

It was refreshing to see the entire Radio industry come together for last week’s #ChooseRadio event organised by the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland. Nothing was left in the closet as radio bosses spoke candidly on hot topics. The resounding theme was Digital- the challenges & equally the opportunities to brings to their business model. Listeners have expectations radio stations will  entertain them not just on FM  but online and it comes with a financial cost. Stations are investing in curating shiny Facebook Live sessions and video clips but have reservations they aren’t successfully monetising it.  We’ve seen great performance of Facebook Live in Mindshare but welcome more third party verification. We’ve come to expect a social as part of  aradio partnership offering.  Ultimately we want to reach their audience, regardless of the platform.

Dan Healy from RTE Radio reckons podcasts are on the brink of a tipping point. They offer that lean-in moment marketers crave for and bring the flexibility of selective listening to the world of audio.  Agencies need evidence they are reaching a significant audience in a sea of thousands of podcasts.

I came away motivated by the palable hunger for creativity and outstanding content in radio land. Two case studies in particular stood out for me. Failte Ireland’s Wild Athlantic Way binaural advert pulled you right into the moment & transported you to a beach in the West of Ireland. It reminded me of listening to the world through a stethoscope. It’s method of recording that creates a total immersive 3-D stereo sound sensation on headphones. The in-head acoustics are remarkable. I’m not bias of course but proud it was Mindshare’s great work.  Take a listen to the ad-  plug in your headphones for optimum effect & feel yourself relax as it plays through!

Another daring venture from #ChooseRadio was Media Central collaboration with Universal Pictures & MediaCom for the release of the movie, Sing. They pioneered a new digital radio station called Sing FM. It was inspired by the movies characters and provided the perfect platform to showcase the movie’s soundtrack. It was a great concept and demonstrates the depth radio can offer.

During the event listeners were asked why they love radio and  one of the comments summed it up very eloquently;  “Radio adds something to your time, doesn’t steal it.”