Live From The Web Summit Day 3 - Targeted Ad Tech Saving The TV Market?

Yesterday we heard from Spencer Weiss of Wired on TV in a Digital Age and how content providers need to learn to fully commercialise top shows and talent. 

Today was the turn of Jamie West the Deputy MD of Sky Media on how Targeted Ad Tech is saving the TV ad market.

We heard how no media has changed advertising like TV by improving customer experience of advertising.

The expectations from viewers and advertisers have changed and the proliferation of devices and changing viewing habits require a new technology. Marketers want the most effective result from advertising and viewers want a better experience with more relevant ads and more seamless viewing. This level of experience / engagement has resulted in a 32% reduction of ad tune away. Sky are fortunate to have viewers & customers at scale and content allowing them to utilise tech leading to their new innovation.

Sky Adsmart is two years old and Sky have invested 100 million to get to this place. It allows Sky to target ads to consumers based on data they hold (both proprietary and third party).

So far they have seen a rise of new advertisers to Sky of 68% and these advertisers are either new to Sky or new to TV advertising. They include B2B such as SAP, premium such as Burberry down to local and post code targeting advertising. They are able to target using 532 attributes which are available for advertisers to buy, leading to a more engaged audience. Basically taking best practice from digital and applying it to TV.

Sky’s next product is all about bringing down barriers of digital and TV. Sky AdVance was launched two weeks ago and will enable advertisers to target across devices with the same or sequential messaging.