Learning From The Media

You have to admire newspaper journalists & radio presenters. Their multi-tasking skills are second to none as their job description continues to evolve to multi-platform journalism. It’s expected of the likes of Fionnan Sheahan of the Independent Group to appear on Prime Time, be at the gates of Leinster House as a scandal breaks and look sharp for a video clip for the website. That’s without mentioning Tweeting his every thought and of course the day job of submitting thought-provoking commentary. 

Spin 103.8 regard its radio presenters as multi-media content curators. It’s the only route to attain their over 500,000 social followers & grow other revenue streams. It got me thinking about how brands can learn from such a massive organisational shift. Brands have moved in this direction but at a much slower pace. Not every brand manager has the resources to react like the classic Oreo example did at last year’s Super Bowl. However simple things like creating sleek video content about your business’ key selling point will build brand equity. Cadbury’s grasp the concept of producing local content creation very well. For a simple sampling exercise, they have videos at the ready and seed the joy of getting a free bar of chocolate to the masses on their social channels.