Formula One Partnering With Snapchat

Formula One wants to remain relevant to a younger audience and with this in mind is partnering with Snapchat. This is a big step for Formula One as it’s their first time using a major digital and mobile platform. The partnership kicked off with the Silverstone Grand Prix on the 16 July, with content appearing in the ‘Our Stories’ section of the app, and will run across the season in key races like Singapore, US and Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

It’s an interesting move by Formula One, who join the likes of Wimbledon, the NFL, Liverpool and Manchester City in having a presence on Snapchat, working with the clear aim of speaking to an adolescent audience.

Research from the GroupM Quarterly Tracker for Q2 2017 shows that Snapchat has a daily reach of 50% for the 18-34 audience and it’s moving in right direction, having grown from 45% in Q1. They still have a bit to go to compete with the daily reach of Facebook, but they are strengthening their hold on an engaged audience. From the same piece of research, the 18-34 group are spending 26.7 minutes on Snapchat on an average day, showing that when they go to Snapchat they are there to spend time and engage (source – GroupM Media Quarterly Trackers for Q2).

For Ireland, the product offering is starting to expand past lenses and now include geo filters and Snap ads. The beauty of Snapchat right now is that it can offer a fully immersive experience for a brand and allows you to speak directly to an extremely engaged audience.

The deal ticks a lot of boxes for both Snapchat and Formula One. For Formula One, it gives the sport a chance to build the awareness of some of the big personalities in the sport from Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes, to the charismatic Aussie Daniel Riccardo driving for Red Bull, to the fiery German Sebastien Vettel at Ferrari.

One thing that can work well for Formula One is showing that the sport is more than just a two-hour race on a Sunday. Snapchat could be the perfect voice - getting people engaged from the early practice on a Thursday morning through to the podium celebrations on the Sunday and covering off everything in between.

Formula One is an extremely recognisable brand and has shown a lot of faith in Snapchat by selecting them as their partner. It shows that when brands are focused on targeting a younger audience Snapchat could be the preferred platform.  

A hesitation for brands in choosing Snapchat has been difficulties in policing; but if a brand as well known and recognisable as Formula One can do it then what is stopping others?