D'Arcy Departs…..

Now, a sceptic might say, RTE have simply bought in Today FMs star striker to give their guy a chance of winning the league, but no one here would have such a devious thought…..

The truth is after 15 years with Today FM Ray D'Arcy has made a smart move, walking away while at the top. Moving his show to a largely new listener on Radio 1, allows him to continue delivering his current show format to a new audience without having to make any major changes.

What does this mean for RTE? They have inherited a well-established radio show that can slot into their afternoon scheduling. D'Arcy will undoubtedly bring new listeners with him, and the question is whether or not he can retain Derek Mooney’s listeners. It should be remembered that Mooney’s show was only 20,000 listeners behind Ray D'Arcy. The only real issue RTE have is the promise of TV work, that one added piece of value Today FM could never offer him. I suspect we will see him in some chat show guise sometime in the near future, Brendan O’Connor watch out!

I doubt there will be too much dread in Today FM this morning, while they have lost their lead presenter, there are any number of feeder stations they can look to as well as some strong home grown talent. While Alison Curtis is the short term solution, don’t rule out a complete shake up in shows between the book ends of Dempsey and Cooper. Dermott and Dave, Alison Curtis, Louise Duffy, Ray Foley, Phil Cawley, Paula Mac Sweeney, Adrian Kennedy and Teresanne O’Reilly, are just a few possibilities that may be introduced.

2FM will of course be the main beneficiary of any losses in listeners with Today FM. The latest JNLR books suggest that Tubridys listener figure has been undervalued for the last eighteen months and will continue to see growth, and with yesterday’s news expect his show to be restored as the number one mid-morning by the end of 2015……..unless he’s off as well!