A Clearer View

When the issue of viewability first raised its head six or seven years ago, I would never have imagined that as an industry we would only be truly overcoming the issue in 2017.  Every facet of the global marketing industry has really struggled with viewability in the past, it was not simply a matter of removing below-the-fold ads.

Getting viewability right involves publishers and advertisers embracing a new way of thinking, acknowledging that quality digital display was under-valued publishers needed to scrap their sites and start again, and agencies had to get involved with new technology companies to measure this.

GroupM globally has consistently been the media group at the forefront of tackling viewability and ad fraud. Locally GroupM has been the first to bring viewability technology Moat to the market in an all-encompassing manner in display.  We have worked with publishers to raise the viewability bar on behalf of the whole industry.   

But our work is only half done. Or 44% done to be specific.

IAB Ireland reports that display makes up only 44% of the digital ad industry. While the issues of display viewability have been a challenge that we have overcome in GroupM, a lot of the industry have left behind the rest of the digital spectrum.

Not at GroupM. 

Below is a graph from the IAB showing growth rates in all digital media spend, and what can be seen is that social, VOD and native are the key growth areas; but these are not areas that the market has tried to understand from a viewability point of view. 

Source: IAB Ireland / PWC Online Adspend report 2016

At GroupM, we have again taken the lead in the market. We have brokered an historic deal with Moat to roll out viewability tracking into the spaces of the internet once assumed to be “off limits” - to track viewability within the walled gardens of Facebook and YouTube, as well as in the native space. 

For Mindshare clients, our aim is that 100% of all ad impressions are tracked for viewability and ad fraud, not just the 44%.  While others will follow, we take pride in making sure we are first to offer this to our clients, as we strive to bring full transparency to all aspects of digital.