BBC Experiments With "Smart Shows"

There have seem to have been arguments flying around the industry for years that TV is somewhat of a dying platform. While I can see many of the arguments for this are based on sound data across TAM/BARB it is evident that there are still content producers out there who see Audio Visual (namely TV) as a real area for continued advancement in technology, consumer engagement and future growth. TV in its current state may plateau, but the last time consumers saw such an advancement in TV viewing was with the birth of BSkyB and other Satellite providers over the last 25 years; to truly engage with the 15-34’s of today (and the shapers of the future of media consumption) there has to be a fundamental re-think regarding how TV is engaged with, or how it is produced. The experimenting done by the BBC’s of the world could lead to a sizable shift in favour of TV consumption once more, with some films and programmes leading to those water-cooler moments of the past that seem to be lost with overfamiliarity. If these trials are successful it will change the face of not only the Production world, but also the worlds of Planning/Buying, with programming becoming far more malleable. This would also lead to far more data availability of viewers within every household, not just across a biased panel of homes.

It seems ironic that a single digital application could be utilised to advance TV to become an entirely new offering to consumers and an opportunity for our clients.

There’s so much potential for change within the media market which is evidenced throughout this article, maybe I’m a bit of a media geek, but I’m excited!