Attention-Grabbing Happiness: Why Brands Should Choose Cinema

Wide Eye Media held its latest Cinema Upfront at the IFI on June 14 at which they presented two pieces of research on the benefits of cinema advertising, as well as highlighting all the major films coming up in the remainder of 2017.

Grabbing attention

Recent research from Brightfish – a Belgian cinema advertising specialist - has found that advertisements shown in cinemas are more attention grabbing, elicit more positive emotions and are considered less annoying by viewers. The research compared cinema to ad campaigns on TV, PC and mobile and a wide number of campaigns, in various creative categories, were measured – from brands like VW, Schweppes and H&M. Attention was measured using eye tracking, while emotions were tracked using facial muscles and monitoring heartbeat.

Results showed that people paid more attention to the big screen in the cinema – they are 68% less distracted watching this compared to the other screens measured. Viewers are 30% more emotionally engaged than those watching ads on other screens and show higher positive emotions. Viewers find cinema ads less annoying, as they are incorporated into the viewing experience.

Because I'm happy

Another research project commissioned by Pearl and Dean and Join the Dots investigated cinema and happiness. Join the Dots believes brands need to embrace happiness to be successful; and certain brands have already bought into this concept (e.g. Coca-Cola, HB Ice Cream). The research found that when you’re happy you are less critical and more susceptible to persuasion; you also recall information better. Therefore it makes sense to place an ad in front of people when they are in a positive mood, and in cinema they generally are.

The speaker from Pearl & Dean went on to illustrate more benefits of cinema:

  • You are invested while in the cinema – people pay money to go and want to be there
  • It is a unique environment – there are less distractions and minimal use of other media
  • It’s a treat and stands out from the everyday
  • People are happier at the end of the day – when they usually go to the cinema
  • Cinema adverts are enjoyed as part of the experience, people do not view the ads as irritations

Overall it showed how cinema can be the ideal environment in which to advertise. Attention grabbing happiness - that is certainly something to think about when planning future campaigns.

Anyone looking for more information on any of the research discussed or the benefits of choosing cinema for advertising campaigns can follow the links below:

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