All The Stats From JNLR July 2014

The latest JNLR survey released this afternoon showed us that 83% of the population are tuning in every day and listening for on average 3.9 hours per day. Radio provides real-time information, broadcast 24 hours a day to supply the most recent updates to listeners. Radio is important because it enables us to communicate with each other and keeps us up-to-date and notified of what’s going on in our local area and the world whether it is new music, current affairs or advertisements of new products.

Radio 1 remains the No.1 radio station in the country with 22.7% market share, holding all the Top 10 most listened-to shows, as follows:

1.         Morning Ireland (438,000 listeners)

2.         Liveline (387,000 listeners)

3.         Marian Finucane Saturday (363,000 listeners)

4          Marian Finucane Sunday (349,000 listeners)

5          News @ 1 (330,000 listeners)

6          John Murray (313,000 listeners)

7          Sean O’ Rourke (307,000 listeners)

8          The Business Saturday (298,000 listeners)

9          Playback Saturday (274,000 listeners)

10        Miriam Meets Sunday (247,000 listeners)

However, the majority of Radio 1 and 2FM’s primetime listenership is down on the previous book while Today FM and Newstalk listenership and market share has increased. Dempsey and D’Arcy are both up 7,000 and 5,000 listeners respectively but the most significant and impressive increase we see in this publication is Pat Kenny who has grown a massive 20,000 listeners since the last book. His listenership is now at 134,000. Newstalk has also seen a large increase on the Breakfast show which has gained 10,000 listeners.

In the Dublin market, Radio 1 is the No.1 station with 33.4% market share, followed by FM104 at 11.6% share. Spin has seen a slight growth in market share since the last book and increases in listenership across all of its primetime shows. FM104, on the other hand, has lost listeners across the day. The Strawberry Alarm Clock in particular has fallen by 8,000 listeners while, in contrast, 98fm’s Ray Foley Breakfast Show has grown by 5,000.

In the Cork market, dissimilar to the rest of the country, Cork’s 96 is the No.1 station, and Radio 1 comes in second. Saying that, Cork’s 96 market share has dropped by over 5% since the last book while Today FM and Newstalk have seen growth. Red FM share has increased by 2.5% and grown listenership across most of its primetime shows. This growth may be due to the fact that Neil Prenderville moved from Cork 96 to Red FM this year, bringing with him many of his listeners and his 0900-1200 time slot has jumped 16,000 listeners while the same time slot he vacated on Cork’s 96 has dropped 14,000 listeners. It seems listeners have migrated to Red FM, following Prenderville.

So while local radio continues to dominate the Irish market, we are seeing a comeback from the National stations, particularly Newstalk and Today FM. And with 83% of the population tuning in everyday and listening for 3.9 hours on average, radio continues to show how strong its relationship is with the Irish public.