Adaptive Brands And Communications

With consumers continuously exposed to so many brands and product offerings, the need for brands to stand out has become increasingly important. In order to cut through the clutter, brands now need to adapt traditional communication methods to ensure their message is engaging and will remain relevant to consumers. Brands are progressively adopting mechanics that offer consumer involvement and trying to drive a more enjoyable experience with the brand, thus making it more memorable. We are increasingly seeing more adaptive marketing practices come into play and at Mindshare ‘Adaptive Marketing’ is at the forefront of our business and communications.

Some recent brand examples that caught my eye that have really done an excellent job adapting their communications through driving consumer involvement and experience are Walkers and Coca Cola.

Walkers over the last few years have really driven consumer involvement by having a competition for consumers to pick new flavours for their crisps. To bring this to life in 2014, they had picked six finalists of consumer flavour entries. In September, they created three vending machines at London bus stops where these machines were filled with the finalist flavours. It wasn’t just your traditional vending machine, there was a digital screen displaying a virtual Gary Linker who looks like he was sitting inside the machine interacting with and encouraging passers-by to tweet @Walkers_busstop and in turn Gary would appear to dispense free packets of crisps through the vending machine. The vending machine was actually tweet activated so adapting the traditional vending concept to be used in line with current mobile and social media behaviours. The campaign got a huge amount of PR and talkabailty with consumers surprised and delighted with the delivery of their free packet of crisps. It ultimately created a very engaging and fun consumer experience with the brand. Check out the vending machine in action.

Coca Cola have always been well known for really trying to drive a great consumer experience and their recent campaign of ‘Share a Coke’ with personalised names has been a great driver of consumer involvement. A recent cinema campaign they ran in Denmark really stood out for me. Coca Cola have been the long standing partner in creating the cinema ‘stay quiet for the film’ ads - ads that consumers are used to seeing and not all that interested in. To make these ads more memorable and in turn create a fun consumer experience, Coca Cola secretly filmed movie goers as they were in the cinema foyer. These clips were then quickly inserted into a specially made short film that showed the unsuspecting movie goers popping up in the film behind the actors, slurping their drinks and making noise and was shown to the audience as they were settled into their seats. The movie goers were amazed at seeing themselves appear on the big screen and it created a very memorable cinema experience! What really stood out was the adaptive nature of the campaign - adaptive is all about being fast and flexible and this really came through for Coca Cola in how quickly the filming took place and then being placed into the actual film straight away. Take a look at the film below.

Both of these campaigns really demonstrated how the brands have been adaptive in creating relevant communications that really deepened consumer involvement and ultimately created a more memorable brand experience.