Why Mindshare?

Mindshare is at the very heart of the most exciting business on the planet: media. More speed. More channels. Every aspect of human life has, and continues, to be transformed by changes in media. We are living in the most exciting period the world has ever seen.

We believe that everything begins and ends in media.

Today’s media has become democratised, with consumers having more power than ever. They create, publish, comment, critique, consume and share more than ever. They have the power to move other individuals, brands and corporations to action.

It is Mindshare’s role to make sense of this new world; to leverage the excitement, the innovation, the reach that media still commands and turn it into a powerful force for our clients’ businesses.

Through our ethos of Adaptive Marketing we bring evolving services and solutions that adapt with consumer habits and are measured and reviewed in real time. This adaptive approach lives across everything that we do - research, planning, measurement or any other aspect of our business.

Our pillars to deliver on Adaptive Marketing are speed, teamwork and provocation.

Speed is about reacting to what is happening and ensuring that we are moving at a pace that’s at least equal to that of the consumer.

Teamwork is ensuring that we communicate at the optimum level both internally and with our clients to guarantee that information is being shared quickly and efficiently for best results.

Provocation is about having a healthy curiosity, always asking why and never being satisfied with the status quo.

These three aspects combined ensure that Mindshare offers a distinct and compelling point of difference versus any of our competitors. The awards that we have won and the business results that our clients have enjoyed would suggest that our approach is unique, compelling and above all successful.