Mindshare Ireland - The Story So Far

The concept of Mindshare was conceived in 1995 by a small group of people who believed that a new approach to media was needed. At the time Rupert Murdoch described Mindshare as ‘the right thinking at the right time’ referring to the fact that media owners and media agencies had fallen out of kilter and Mindshare was a step back in the right direction. Mindshare was very purposefully formed to be the first truly global media network, purpose built to be consistent across all countries and regions. Every aspect of the Mindshare approach was different at launch. Right through from the name of the company – we were clear that media was too small a word to describe what we do so we did not want to be ‘something media’ or media something but rather we wanted a name that described what we do, it’s not about share of voice but rather share of mind and that’s why we chose the name that we have – to the way in which we viewed media and our place in marketing, the Mindshare concept was completely revolutionary.

The first Mindshare markets were rolled out in September 1997 with five markets across the Asia Pacific region. This was quickly followed by the UK, the first market to launch in Europe, in April 1998. Mindshare Ireland was established on 1st July 1999 with Bill Kinlay as CEO, a post he still holds today. When we launched in Ireland, the concept of volume based media buying groups was brand new to the Irish market and there was initially some resistance. However, once we established our philosophy and approach and media owners realised that we were there to make the process easier and to introduce much needed efficiencies, the business moved into a rapid growth phase. We doubled our size within our first two years and doubled again three years later. Media consolidation was the order of the day and clients recognised that Mindshare was leading the way in this area. Within two years of our launch in Ireland, Mindshare was the largest single agency in the marketplace, a position that we retain right up to this day.

Today, Mindshare remains at the very forefront of the media industry in Ireland and adopts a leadership position in everything that we do. We believe that we operate right at the centre of the most exciting industry on the planet because ‘everything begins and ends in media’. Our role is to be media consumption experts and to use this knowledge and insight to deliver better results for our clients. Our ambition is to be our clients lead business partner which is always going to be a work in progress but we are making great headway in cementing this position. We are extremely proud of the work we do and the results that it delivers for our clients. Please take a look at our case histories to understand more about our approach and how it can benefit your business.