Equality POVs


6 days have passed at Cannes Lions, it is still so crowded and it is still really hot!     

Today, there was an amazing session at the Lumiere Theatre, which was called: “Creativity and Responsibility: Using Our Voices to Promote Gender Equality” moderated by Marc Pritchard (Chief Brand Officer, P&G) and the speakers were Tina Brown, journalist – magazine editor – columnist – talk-show host and author of The Diana Chronicle, Madonna Badger who is Founder and CCO at Badger & Winters and Sherly Sandberg, COO at Facebook. It was a powerful panel of speakers to explore gender equality in advertising in media and the creativity and responsability of brands in promoting this.

Marc Pritchard started to share some truly shocking statistics about gender imbalance at the beginning of the session. He says that, “It’s still Less than 20 percent of women are in the C suite, women are still paid 20 percent less for the same job as men, so while its already been talked about, the action and outcome index is low and that needs to change.” So, in summary; the talk index is high but the action and outcome index is low. That need to change. In this session, it was all about exploring the problem, the opportunities and the solution. So it started with the problems; “Objectification of women”.


Advertising for just the last seven years, women are objectified without even a thought. Selling something when it comes to news, it becomes sexy and cool. It still exists because it’s easy and quick to show in magazines and outdoors. As we know this goes hand to hand, so the easiest way to change this: is emphaty and bravery! Sherly Sandberg continued with these words: “We have the power to change stereotypes, and it’s the advertising industry that can lead. Brands speaking the language of gender equality have eight to ten percent more positive sentiment.” Madonna Badger said that we have the power to change it. And Marc asked Madonna how do they get creative to get excited about gender equality. She responded that as the creatives overall seeing now how many Lions people are winning and how much attention brands and workers get to do the right things in term of gender, which encourages creatives.

With showing Ariel’s India Campaign from BBDO India gaining Glass Lion 2016 in Cannes, they showed how a simple household product ad could make a powerful social statement across generations.

There is some few key findings that I’ve seen all the session were:

  • To be able to promote gender equality,
  • Mentorship is important. “Be a mentor and find a mentor!”
  • Change the culture.
  • Collabrating is so cool.
  • Promote women directors.
  • Announce gender equality in everywhere.

So the end,

What role men can do?

Don’t buy flowers, do the laundary! 

Written by Begum Aras