New Digital Era POVs

What does Virtual Reality mean to brands

Written by Sammy Li 

In the New Digital Era what does Virtual Reality (VR) mean to brands?

The majority of discussions and insight coming out of today was around what Virtual Reality (VR) means to brands. It is more about the topic of NEW DIGITAL ERA– INNOVATIVE TECH. VR isn't just for gaming - it's a technology that can make a real difference to our collective future. And this topic is in the spotlight in all the marketers in the recent years. We are thinking how we can use this new technology to connect the brand with audience.

Actually VR has unlocked inspiring new opportunities for telling stories, building communities and driving fundamental change in the world. Because VR can be for gaming, watching files, visiting places and even teaching people to fly. Also, VR allows us to go beyond the limitations of physical tools to do anything that can be computed.

Is that for marketers just using it for showcase travel locations to your customers to sell your hotel or flight experience? Is a brand just using VR and create a simple game for the audience to play a sport experience in an event?

If advertisers would explore VR with the audience, to understand and find the experience which can extend the brand. It is very important if the customers can explore the product before they buy them rather than serval months after. VR technically helps to build on the pre-buy experience to give an immersive experience to audience.

But more important, if we want to use VR successfully the key is to start with humanization and emotional reasons to build VR story to engage audience, because as a brand perspective, AR is also used to connect with humans. One successful case from today, a hospital brand had partnered with Facebook Creative Shop and VR to create a meaningful creative concepts to help fight childhood cancer. They though about the kids with cancer in the hospital they always miss their home, and VR is the connection from them with home. The kids would visit their home via VR when they miss it, and also there would be different situation for cheering up the kids.

Quote of today:

“VR is one of the most powerful technology to connect human in the future. Brands to use VR in a successfully way need starting from humanization and emotional reason to build on the VR story” – John Florek, VP innovation of Oarc.