Mind POVs

What AI Teaches Us About Creativity

Written by Lauren Bray

As AI moves out of the realm of science fiction and increasingly into our everyday lives our lives we begin to wonder just how much of human existence will be augmented. Sizmek hosted an interesting panel today on this exact topic; What AI teaches us about creativity and the Universe. Hosted by Nikos Acuna, Chief Visionary and Sizmek the panel consisted of: Sougwen, an artist using AI to augment her creative process, Adrian Bejan, a Professor at Duke University and George Zarkadakis an AI architect and author.

Firstly, I want to talk a little about what Sougwen does, because I think it’s pretty damn cool! She is an artist who creates both physical and virtual work. Her works, from drawings to sculpture and VR, utilise biometrics, machine learning and robotics. They are striking and intricate and to me really demonstrate the future of creativity.

This kind of work and the precise ability of these machines to create and learn has been seen to raise the question as to whether “physical painting is dead”. What we often fail to forget when we look to the future is that innovation has happened in the past, at times more quickly and significantly as we’re seeing now. 150 years ago this same question was raised with the invention of the photograph and I think it’s pretty safe to definitively say that didn’t happen.

So if not the end of painting what does AI and physical augmentation mean for art? It means a new dimension and increased potential to create in different spaces, different means and when it comes to VR a different medium.

Sougwen spoke of the current limitations within the existing software and is working every day to create innovative ways to adapt the platform. She discussed how creativity should be limitless and is all about the unexpected. So the challenge with software is the inherit limits of any interface and truly developing something unexpected utilising AI learned knowledge truly involves intuition and confidence from a human level.

This made me think more than ever that AI is an exciting space. It seems that with machines doing to processing and rational work faster than we ever could now is a time when human creativity and intuition are more desired and can be pushed further than ever before.