New Digital Era POVs

Unleashing the Power of AI

Written by Sofía Tornielli

Artificial intelligence

Working in programmatic buying brought to me knowledges about AI. So,it was interesting for me to attend several talks about this topic. The most relevant talk was Unleashing the power of AI in Martech. Artificial intelligence is present in several aspects of people’s life, it has common usages from setting an alarm to waking up in the morning, and very functional uses such as a scanner to detect skin cancer. In programmatic buying the usage of this technology is quite different, data have always helped us to work to understand different aspects such as segmentation, optimization or post analysis in our campaigns, the only problem is that we cannot activate it without technologies which help us to organize it (AI).

They talked about visual listening, which is related to the study of customer behavior. It is about knowing soft aspects like their food taste, dress style, location, etc. How do they do it? By analyzing social media images, people posts. Artificial intelligence provides several solutions, but it is important to use it in a wise way and have respect for the privacy politics and private life.
This technologies capability allows us to match off and on media, and to identify the target no matter the environment, this means that we will evolve by delivering the consumer a better experience. This will be something huge not only for digital industry but also consumer experience. We will improve our optimizations and will get an accurate feedback of what really happens in a physical store. If you mix this with visual listening to adjust the segmentation, we could create great outcomes.Talk: Unleashing the power of AI in Martech.

Topic: New Digital Era, East Meets West
Freda Dai – Vice president, Pingcoo
Scarlett Shih – General Manager- Global operator, Quick decision
George Zhu - Founder and CEO, Zhimatech