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Triggering Memories and Connections Through Sound

Written by Joy Q. Wang

After attending so many sessions on voice and sound, one thing is clear to me – sound is usually an afterthought that gets added after other marketing materials are already created. Few have gone beyond that to make sound an actual part of the brand and many brands and marketers fail to realize that music is a powerful connector next to visual elements and smell. In the session “Trigger Memories and Connections Through Sound” with Sandra Cameron (Head of Digital Marketing, Opel Automobile GmbH), Alexander Schlaubitz (VP, Marketing of Lufthansa), and Uli Reese (Global CMO & Partner of amp Soubndbranding), Alexander points out that audio will play an increasing role, and soon it will be audio-led. This is especially important for branding efforts in the service industry such as Lufthansa, in the example of how announcements sound. But Sandra adds that “If she is a speaking from a consumer point of view, she would want to be picked up by the brand in her current emotional state.” This begs the questions, what is the contextual need for the consumer and what is the added value brands can provide for them? Some will be monetized while others will not be and when is it an alleviating factor versus a stimulating or even an annoyance factor? Tackling the hearing sense definitely adds even more to the power of experience as more and more brands realize that visual, sound, and smell factors need to be soon woven all together.

Following on the trail of branding, I had the pleasure of watching a panel with Conan O’Brien, Shaquille O’Neal, and Chris Cuomo of CNN chat about personal branding. The chemistry seen from the 3 speakers just felt so natural compared to other panels I’ve attended. This goes hand in hand with their mantra on self-branding, and that is to truly be yourself and the right audience will come to you. Of course, both Conan and Shaq are well-known to be a hilarious, self-deprecating bunch with tasteful humour, so it was no surprise that way they captured the audience was just mesmerizing.

Another Innovations Lions shortlist that stood out today was the Savor Saver, a chewy candy made out of a sugar substitute, aimed at removing the unbearable metallic taste resulting from chemotherapy for cancer patients. I thought this initiative was very interesting in that it’s using the taste sense to solve a known and undeniable issue. If a brand were to actually bring different senses into the marketing equation, will it make a difference for someone’s life and can it affect lives or even society on a bigger level?

Quote of the day:

“No is the fastest way to yes.” – Emily Decker, Head of Brand Relevance, Planning & Integration, Uber

“No starts the conversation, in fact, ‘no’ is not no, it’s watch me.” – Sophia Amoruso, Girlboss

Highlight of the day:
Not only is Rebecca Minkoff an industry leader in designing luxury handbags, accessories, footwear, and apparel, she’s also the Global Colour Designer for Essie as a side hustle. This builds on what her and Jennifer DaSilva of Berlin Cameron were saying about having a side hustle to keep the passion going.