Body POVs

Trends in Beauty: Technology, Inclusion and Personalisation Experience

Written Tanja Henkelmann

‘Technology is already part of the beauty industry and it will transform and disrupt it even further’ says Wende Zomnir, founding partner of Urban Decay. Consultancy tools like ‘the shade finder’, which help consumers identify the right foundation for their skin tones are already being used by beauty brands including Urban Decay. These tools will evolve and become more advanced in the future to create the perfect consumer experience. The digital experience will become more advanced and technology will allow users to try products in a more real feel without even being in stores.

Aside from technology driving consumer experience and allowing consumers to connect with brands, on a sensorial level Katie Ann Rosen from FabFitFun believes in inclusion and personalisation are the key trends to engage beauty users.

Social media has played already in the past years a crucial role in beauty with beauty consumers being one on the most engaged and active community globally. Here it is important for brands to create their own communities and engage in existing ones with content created for a variety of platforms. Social conversation allow brands to learn about consumer insights.

A key trend is the rise in beauty influencers. They are not a trend anymore, rather they've become the new beauty editors. Collaborating with influencers in an authentic way, co-creating content and products help brands to create active and engaged communities. Of course, there’s always the question about authenticity and trust, since most key opinion leaders (KOLs) have those paid partnerships. One takeaway Katie and Wende provided was to build relationships with KOLs you work with so even when they are paid for a partnership at some point the content that is will be more genuine, due to those existing relationships. This also contributes to KOLs feeling of being part of your brand and consequently consumers will feel a deeper connection to your brand and community.

Overall, I think it is crucial for beauty brands to leverage technology that allows to enhance user experience online and offline from including AR tools that allow users to try on different looks or advanced chat bots or find your right match tools this contributes to personalised user experience of brands.