Mind POVs

Technology is at the Heart of Beauty

Written by Patrick Lylo

In a discussion between L'Oréal and the CEO of Modiface – an AR company focused on bringing AR into the world of beauty to bring consumers utility through the ability to see products on their face before purchasing (and the first tech acquisition by L'Oréal in their 110 year history) - the focus was on the role of technology in the digital transformation of L’Oréal.

The key takeaway? Utility is everything. As marketers, we often rush to find ways to incorporate the latest in tech for our clients. But unless that technology brings real utility – real value to consumers, we’re often just speaking to ourselves. L'Oréal has worked tirelessly to transform their entire organization for the Digital Age. They’re investing in startups, they’re not afraid to try something new and fail, they never shy away from ripping up their Marketing Playbook to start anew. But the common thread on all fronts is the consumer. Making sure that at every step of the way, the value this brings to consumers is at the center of their focus.

For L’Oréal, this comes to life in many ways. They’re constantly innovating in eCommerce to make their products available in the Digital Age. They’ve far surpassed their competitors in this space, and are now working to constantly innovate within conversational commerce through bots and voice search. Beyond this, they have a huge focus on personalization. Striving to utilize AR with the ultimate goal of crafting a digital product experience that truly replicates the real-life product. And some of their brands have even begun to craft personalized formulas that are truly catered to the individual consumer – such as different shades of foundation.

Facts of the Day:

  • Today, 40% of L'Oréal sales in China come from eCommerce
  • AR is projected to have over 1 Billion users by the year 2020