Sustainability POVs


Written by Matthew Powers 


With the growing disconnect between society and the world’s biggest companies, how can tech brands reconnect with consumers in a meaningful way? The way in is through solving key issues consumers face in the world today. More importantly, using the ideas of young creative minds to give a sense of relevance and urgency to these issues. 

This week in Cannes, one of the biggest themes has been brands acting as a force for good and how brands can lean in to social causes authentically. Marketers have the task to both work with partners who have these initiatives and tout the brand’s own social responsibility initiatives as well. It’s important for brands to stand behind their mission statement, develop and promote their own social programs to give themselves legitimacy. Even though we are in an expansive digital era, the implications from a sustainability perspective are immense. Tech giants have data hubs and logistic centers all around the world that expend massive amounts of energy. There will always be a footprint from the work we do, making it crucial to keep that in mind when engaging with an audience that picks favorite brands based on how green they are. 

At the “Change for Good” Hackathon, Amazon teamed up with Earth Challenge 2020 to call on young marketers to tackle these issues head on with innovative ideas. There were competitors from across the globe, using their talent and insights to act as a force for good. One team’s incredible idea was to partner with Alexa to report the safety of drinking water in your area. One would have the ability to ask Alexa “how is the drinking water in Cannes?”, and Alexa would report back, “We’ve detected zero contaminants in the water in Cannes, it is safe to drink.” While this seems like a no-brainer, it is a powerful activation that would educate so many people about the dire need for clean drinking water. For brands, aligning with innovative channels and important messaging would elevate them to new heights.