Adaptive marketing POVs

Something which hasn’t changed is story-telling

Today was the first day on being the ‘job’ which honestly didn’t look like one. I attended about 3 sessions based on my theme and thoroughly enjoyed each one of them through its diversity.

5 Learnings from the Theme:

  • Pinterest interestingly doesn’t measure time spent on the App, rather measures Time well spent. Perhaps that’s where the world is headed to. For eg – Green Bank in USA has banned usage of Mobile phone and WiFi and is a punishable offence legally. Hence, it is time to stop liking but doing it.  
  • By merely triggering the audience, Visual discovery helps in driving possibilities with potential solutions as the world is moving away from text.
  • People are spending more time on their screens than what they think and a lot of it is just addiction with no substantial value. It is about time to engage the audience in a more productive sense.
  • Independent Media hubs unlike biggies define their KPI’s basis as per the USP of their company. There isn’t a fixed formula for success as it goes beyond Impressions & View is rather a long tail concept when it comes to content discovery.
  • Key point of differentiation for independent media & content houses is to keep innovating since there are a lot players in the market to just copy them. Original content keeps them going forward.

POV Summary for the Day:

There is just a lot happening all of time and in the ever-changing ecosystem we live in. To move forward and stay ahead of time, it’s imperative to understand consumer needs. The consumer currently is overshadowed with innumerable technology options. The challenge is to make the moment count and create a difference! Multiple agencies, content partners, publishing houses altogether are experimenting towards a consumer-led solution. 

Quote of the Day:

‘Something which hasn’t changed is Story-telling, but something which changes constantly is Technology’.
- Damon Berger (Fullscreen Media)

Written by Supriya Malhotra