Young Lions 2019

Sofia Tornielli

I still can’t believe I’m attending this huge festival so here is my POV:

When I hear about Cannes Lions I imagine successful professionals who have something big to say about the industry.

I am thrilled to know that at festivals of this scope topics such as diversity and LGBT + are included, it is one of the subjects that I am going to listen to. That is why I am very interested in knowing the point of view of Caroline Wanga. We live in times where diverse voices are beginning to be listened, it is great a festival like Cannes gives the opportunity to empower this speech. We need to start giving the importance this topic deserves in order to reach equal job opportunities in a not so distant future.

In Mindshare Argentina, within the FAST team, I work with Programmatic and AI and I think innovation is a very helpful tool to provide clients the best service, so it would be great to get involved especially in New Digital Era topic.

Regarding Commerce, this is one of the areas I would like to learn more about, because E commerce is one of the main channels nowadays for some clients. We count with a lot of data to process, analyze and translate to strategies and improve the outcomes of digital campaigns. It is important to understand our clients’ point of view and insights resulting of our analysis to grow together and move forward to better results.

On the other hand, I’m very excited to attend the talks about strategy and pitching. This festival is important to me because it gives me the opportunity to grow and to amplify my point of view. I’m sure next POV will include new experiences and knowledge. I hope to return to Argentina with a global view, and above all, with great relationships across #TeamMindshare!

Written by Sofia Tornielli