Young Lions 2018

Shalendra Mendis


At the end of an amazing week Cannes has left me dazed, dizzy and above all inspired!

It’s difficult to articulate the true experience of Cannes Lions. To say that it was beyond what I had imagined is an understatement.

Insightful sessions, networking with interesting people from around the globe, awards nights celebrating truly inspiring work, Lavish parties every night etc. – Cannes truly leaves you in awe.

My favorite moment of the entire week and biggest takeaway from the festival was an unconventional and personal one. It was a realization that I had in the middle of a conversation with a colleague (A conversation at another lavish party – on a Yacht no less)

Attending Cannes does require a lot of effort and resources, you are exposed to an experience of a lifetime from which no doubt that you will be inspired. However, I realized that probably the ultimate triumph in coming to Cannes is if you “Let Cannes change you”. If you leave Cannes knowing that you are truly a changed person and that your work from here onwards will truly be elevated to a new level – then you have won!

If you attended Cannes Lions 2018 and left truly inspired ask yourself the question – “Has Cannes changed you?” If not, Let it!

It will undoubtedly be one of the best things you’ll do for your career.

Written by Shalendra Mendis