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The Rise of AI

Written by Irem Limnili

AI’s Rising Interest
Year after year, AI’s rise of popularity bring forth many concerns regarding ethics, automation and responsibility. According to McKinsey, '800 billion jobs lost to automation by 2030’, meaning human will lose their power to machines.

Shifting From Technology Centered to Human Centered:
On the other hand; according to session by Fjord about Ethics of AI; the most efficient to get benefit of the technology is using both human + machine power. It makes 99,5% together, while only machines make it 92%.

But it is of course not easy. As Hollie Lubbock and Jivan Virdee from Fjord stated today, AI should be designed with human values just like a baby. Designer or creators should rise it as their own child and be responsible of it like a real father to impliment best rights, ethics and create right cases.

Spot the trends, predict what is ahead and help our society.

Because marketing communications are heading the the ‘age’ where they will create good purpose with emerging technology.

Is Technology Really Savior of Creativity?
Nowadays this topic has been discussed very common. Basically, the technology provides both people, brands, industries many opportunities. For example you can’t be a speaker in a TV show easily but you can have your own channel via Youtube or you can’t give a concert to millions like the most famous artists but you can upload your song to social media and make millions to listen, you can’t make people dyslexic to feel empathy but you can use VR to sitimulate dyslexia. All you need is a device + internet + good idea no matter you are consumer/user, brand or media houses.

Moreover, as it is another hot topic of this year; marketing communications shifting through more human-centered. All these technology and creativity should ‘also’ exist for one purpose: to make the world better place.