Young Lions 2017

Rachel Lowenstein


As the emerging technology specialists on the Life+ team, we are incredibly excited and honored to represent Mindshare New York at Cannes. A big part of our role is to infuse innovation leveraging emerging technology in our North America clients’ media campaigns. We were lucky enough to be able to attend SXSWi this year and gathered major inspiration from the tech companies we met with. We felt like we just scratched the surface in Austin and were hungry for more groundbreaking tech (and rosé, baguettes, et fromage!). While in Cannes, we are most excited to dive deeper in to our top 2017 innovation priorities: augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and voice technology.

Our approach to innovation is rooted in our distinctly different backgrounds. Amanda comes from a strategic planning background while Rachel previously worked in digital investment. In this vein, we are looking forward to the diverse topics being presented at Cannes from robotics to using data in creativity. The panels we are most looking forward to are Mario Testino and Elaine Wentworth’s session on integrity and authenticity in branding. Additionally, a session on robotics with roboticist Dr. Heather Knight (from Amanda’s alma mater, Stanford!) appeals to our interest in mastering AI to develop entertaining content for campaigns.  

More than anything, we can’t wait to hear from some of the most esteemed leaders in our industry and connecting with colleagues from around the world! 

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