Commerce POVs

Power of creativity and brand inclusivity

Written by Elizabeth Lor 

Today’s sessions place an emphasis on the power of creativity and brand inclusivity. The “Creativity Matters” session showcased world-class activations, and placed numbers behind the notion that “creativity impacts the bottom line.” CMOs across varied brands like Mars Bar speak strongly on this topic – referencing their own experiences to highlight the undeniable correlation between a brand’s share price and its periods of peak creativity. To quote James Huffman Founder of Previously Unavailable, “[we saw] a correlation between our brand’s share price and when the brand was riding a creative high”.

Inclusivity was another key theme. Consumers are increasingly discerning – they only engage with brands that they deem to be transparent, authentic and a reflection of themselves. Big fashion brands like Puma and Gucci have quickly recognized this – employing different strategies (within and outside of advertising) to make this happen. For example, brands like Gucci acknowledge that brand inclusivity starts from within (their activation teams or on the ground sales staff) – diverse teams create diverse content that can effectively appeal to the wider consumer base.