China Day POVs

POV: Cannes Preview

One of the themes at Cannes Lions this year is China, and with good reason. It’s a fast growing innovative and creative culture. Maybe we can learn something?

I chose to cover the theme “China day” because I’m interested in hearing more about China's perspective on creativity and the culture. I’m looking forward to getting a bigger understanding and a better insight in their society.

An example that shows a piece of China’s norms is the campaign “Could you be our Burger Queen?” from Burger King which is a really beautiful and emotional campaign. It tells a lot about how women sees themselves but even more about how society tells them to view themselves. I find it super important that someone, in this case Burger King, is trying to change that.

As a young creative it’s relevant for me to learn more about creativity all around the world. To hear how other people solve and find solutions to creative problems can teach you a lot about how you work yourself.

The sessions I am looking forward to hearing is “China's Age of Ambition”, “Import / Export Chinese Creativity” and “Perspectives from China: Baidu on the Future of AI”. I’m fascinated about the opportunities AI gives, so I think it will be interesting to hear more about it.

Nǐ hǎo and see you in Cannes.

Written by Emilie Haugelund Larsen