Authenticity POVs

POV: Cannes Preview

SUMMARY: Cannes Lions Festival 2017. I want to see how brand campaigns and media have evolved and what state they are in now. Will disruption always be there – will digital become conventional media? How will brands use advanced media or creativity? Or should the brand themselves become a disruptive, while staying authentic?

DETAILS: There will be roughly 80 Sessions for the whole week of Cannes Lions Festival 2017. And the Hosts are very damn good at creating titles that makes you want to attend all of them, like “What NASA and Space Exploration Can Teach Us about Creativity”. I personally expect its content will be good as well – and useful. I mean, I’ve learnt some storytelling techniques and many of them could mislead us – force-fitting the story to the predetermined outcome (find insight that is suitable for the result?).

There will be a showcase of the best work from around the word (which now I’ve never heard of). Many categories of them. Best use of digital, best insight, best in class, best data-driven marketing, best integrated media, best of the best, and best what-not. Should a brand try hard to fit into one of the best? What story should we create to a brand every time new things emerge? Website – be most visited; Twitter – be a trending topic; YouTube – get that 5 million views; Facebook – most liked? Programmatic – highest lead; VR – to be most imagined? AI – to be the smartest brand?

A good example is where Sweden has listed the entire country on Airbnb. It stays true to its identity – Sweden. It uses creativity – who has thought about it? It uses a right storytelling – “you can eat berries from the ground, sleep under the stars, swim in the lakes and roam freely”.

But what about other brands in other medium in other time and age? Is there any underlying principal for a brand to replicate creativity and authenticity?

IMPLICATIONS: If it’s a yes, I would love to make the brands I’m working on to become one. I hope to find the answer in the festival. Stay tune!

Written by Suhendi Pusap