Adaptive marketing POVs

POV: Cannes Preview

The Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is a global event for those working in the creative communications, advertising and related fields and draws people from across the world. Eight days of pure inspiration leads into 600+ world-class speakers which includes mainstage talks, award shows, beachside networking, parties and hands on workshops.

The theme I have selected for this year is ‘Adaptive Marketing’ which is basically an approach enabling marketers to tailor their activities in unparalleled ways to meet their customer’s interests and needs based on recorded data.

Summary on ‘What I expect to see at Cannes’ –

The creative carnival at Cannes includes numerous learning sessions and I am looking forward to understanding as to how ‘Adaptive Marketing’ can be implemented into all our marketing campaigns. Would seek a perspective on how an insight along with collection of data could convert into a potential solution of our respective clients.

Details and implications for your clients based on your theme –

Background – I handle the Digital business for GSK India Consumer Healthcare Portfolio and we at Mindshare have ten global differentiators that deliver on the Adaptive Marketing promise. With the Cannes exposure, along with I would like to practice the below on my day-to-day work.

INTEGRATION: Build a regime to amalgamate all assets and investments – offline and online, brand and demand, paid, owned & earned, media & creativity; channel and audience buying – and then use the real-time data to constantly reconfigure and improve the activity to drive better outcomes at every step of the consumer journey.

IDENTIFY TRIGGERS FOR CONTENT: Contribute to GSK for better, faster and more impactful content. This could be done by recognition of triggers suitable to specific target audience. For eg – Portfolio level understanding for Horlicks and its Variants like Women Horlicks, Mother Horlicks and Lite Horlicks all fall in the same audience bracket and thus it is imperative to identify the individual need type and build relevant content solutions.

THINK FAST: Help GSK build a sustainable vision, roadmap, approach and infrastructure for addressable, real-time media. For eg - Otrivin as a brand caters to a very specific need to relief consumers from Nasal congestion. Thus, collection of real time data is of vital importance. Active sufferers who have common cold and have read similar content in the last 2-3 days can be tagged and identified. We should then re-target on audience lists basis data understanding.

STAY AGILE: This is the greatest asset an organization must offer to its client. With a structured frame like ‘Planning for Agility’ which helps brands to quickly react cultural and competitive scenarios through pre-developed creative assets and fluid budgeting. 

Written by Supriya Malhotra