Body POVs

Mood Manipulation Is Shifting The Evolution of Consumers

Written by Paul Linley

Over my three years of attending sessions here in Cannes I’ve learned that you will always be surprised by which sessions turn out to be amazing. Today was a perfect example as I attended “Faith Popcorn Mood Manipulation: Future Vision 2028” after leaving a dud of a session that was I originally was excited for. Faith Popcorn’s session turned out to be one of the best sessions I’ve ever attended.

The session looked into 5 Key Current Mood Manipulation that are causing a shift in evolution of consumers. Here is an overview of the shifts.

N of 1: Consumers demand recognition of their individuality; Mass marketing will no longer be a thing. Consumers will have implanted chips and “neural laces” that will read their minds and body, constantly connected to the internet. Consumers bio, emotional needs and wants will stream in real time. Marketers will be able to deliver exactly what a consumer needs in the moment they need it in a way that matches their mood.

Self Hacking: Technology will be integrated to optimize our mental space. Implanted chips and brain simulators will alter our moods. Consumers could allow brands the ability to provide them with an experience that affects them mental in ways simple products current can not.

Super Human: Consumers will push their limits to stay competitive amidst unprecedented stress. To tackle this, we will alter our bodies and mind. Brains will become programmable allow us to change the way we think for any given task, “Order” a productive day at the office. Education will be replaced as we could potentially learn task on the spot or rent brain chips to allow the user to speak French for a week.

High Chasing: We will crave to escape, exploring new realms of our minds to deliver relief and release. Through drugs (dose controlled Cannabis or LSD), dream control and ultra realistic VR/AR experiences we will seek instant Zen. Brands will be able to deliver experiences for inside our minds and beyond.

Anchoring: In a digital world, the human touch becomes ever more vital. Feelings and memories will be cultivated, consumers will crave sensory engagement and intensified human connection. Local wellness support clans will help and ever increasing lonely feeling population. Care givers will come to you and provide touch and emotional support while “MinuteClinics” will help with urgent mood balancing.

Faith has been able to help many brands transform their entire approach such as Home Depot moving from “helping home owners” to “making renters feel at home” or Tylenol moving from “treating pain” to “celebrating it”. It will be interesting to see how brands continue to change in the next decade to adapt to the above trends.

“If you knew everything about tomorrow, what would you do differently today”