Sustainability POVs

Merging Wellness and Entertainment

Written by Bárbara Toussaint Portillo 

Today was the first day and it was so full of new experiences, knowledge and great ideas that I don’t even know where to start. 

The conference that I do want to share with you is ‘Merging the worlds of wellness & entertainment’, and it was given by Gabriela Lopes, Quentin Moreau, Max Richter, and Bob Wainwright. They touch 3 main topics: 1. How music affects the human system? 2. Gaming and Health, 3. Beauty Rest. At the beginning it was a little confusing how they could link all the themes together in order to make them work, but they did! 

They started talking about Music. We all know music affects our emotions, our feelings, but they have been doing research about how music affects the systems and even how music affects a cell. It is incredible what their findings were! Music can heal from a headache (oh yes…. They proved that the Dubstep is the perfect rhythm to release pain because it activates pleasure and reward brain regions) till how they are teaching/ training the cells through music in order to cure cancer. Isn’t it incredible? 

Nowadays, the volume of sleeping, relaxing and focusing playlist is increasing in an exponential way, and this is just one argument to prove how people look for a method to heal without even knowing it. 

Then, they talked about gaming. Playing is something natural, it is part of all living things, and gaming is not only about children, but the core target are adults and young adults. Gameloft has been creating a lot of video games to help with certain illnesses such as dementia. All is about how you approach the problem and keep the track of it while playing a game. The information and data are always around us; we just need to find a way to get it and organize it. One common illness they are trying to defeat right now is that lots of people suffer from bad sleeping, which leads to the last topic. 

How can we treat this common disease? Simple! Just play the exact notes and let your body go with it. It was quite an interesting project that showed how music can actually help you get an adequate, not only sleep, but rest. 

It is quite interesting how something that born or was developed for entertainment, could be the answer to enhance our daily life or even heal us. 

Quote of the Day: ‘Human are sensitive, and they feel their day through different sounds. So, approach them through music.” Bob Wainwright, Customer Experience and Innovation H4B Chelsea, at ‘Merging the worlds of wellness & entertainment’ session. 

Highlight of the day“I was really excited about attending a session called ‘Merging the worlds of wellness & entertainment’, and it was so good I could not resist approaching one of the speakers. He was so nice! He gave me a lot of feedback and advice, and he even added me to his network to help me out with a couple of projects!!! I cannot be more grateful about this.