Young Lions 2018

Marian Bunte

So excited! There are lot of festivals and events in the marketing world, but there is nothing comparable to the Cannes Lions. There is no place with such a gathering of experts and trendsetting topics. I´m very thrilled of all the upcoming information and I hope to get in touch with as many as possible of this inspiring people. Daily business is very engaging and space for new stimulations is rarely as well. So, I´m convinced that Cannes Lions will open a new door to the media business for myself and for my daily work on the client projects also.

I studied Sports marketing at German Sports University in Cologne and I´m a semi-professional Marathon-Runner beside my work at Mindshare Germany. Sport and health defining my life since childhood and they offer a perfect balance to daily business. I don’t drink alcohol for 4 years, I´m vegetarian and favor a sustainable lifestyle overall. In times of mass consumption and growing number of people in this world, sustainability and responsibility becomes more important for everyone, especially for companies and their brand communication. The right positioning isn’t easy, because the subject is very sensitive and the digital revolution changes things day by day. It is tough to be up-to-date and indispensable to find the right platforms and informational resources. I think that Cannes Lions represent a perfect platform to keep myself informed for what moves the world in these cases. There are seminars like “Taking Risks and Building Brands” or “Creativity in the Age of Resistance” where Global Player sharing their experiences of acting and their point of views. I´m really motivated to absorb as much information as possible from all these experts to educate myself and to collect these valuable inputs for Mindshare and my clients. That will be a fantastic and eventful journey…so I´m unbelievable thankful to Mindshare to get the chance of being part of it! 

Written by Marian Bunte