Soul POVs

Make The World A Better Place

Written by Marian Bunte

“Make the world a better place”. A slogan shared by a lot of big companies in the world. But often there is a lack of actions and realizations, what remains is only the message. But some projects stand out from pure brand communication and they convince in their creative implementation, as well as their added value for humanity and sustainability. Cannes Lions is definitely a stage to find some of these magic stories.

Searching for Syria is an outstanding project and outcome of an intensive collaboration between the Google Brand Studio and R/GA. It shows us the benefit of data driven activities in combination with a social point of view. Data and technique make our world much more comfortable and opens more opportunities, but Andre Le Masurier (Executive Creative Director, Google Brand Studio) made his point at the beginning of his presentation in the Palais 1 at Cannes Lions Festival: “Start with people, insights and ideas. Not tech”.

It was seven years ago this March that our generation's worst humanitarian crisis began and a lot of people lost their homes. The platform "Searching for Syria" connects UNHCR-Data, personal stories and Google-Trends with other sources. People love real time information and the platform made the crisis more open to the public, focused on five of the most asked questions:

* What was Syria like before the war?

* What is happening in Syria?

* What is a refugee?

* Where are Syrian refugees going?

* What can I do to help Syrian refugees?

Searching for Syria serves the answers with an extensive offer of content. So not many people know that Syria drew more tourists than Australia in 2010, for example. The platform developed to a successful place of information, help and donations. And even at the end the talk delivered the key to success: Become a data friend, start with storytelling, make it fast, make it digestible, make it relevant and pioneer a more human future. And Andre Le Masurier underlined their basic approach: “We are not looking for awareness, we are looking for understanding”.

Data gives us world changing opportunities but it wants to be used very efficient. Another talk picked out data and artificial intelligence as new level to creativity. Speakers from Deloitte and Amazon argued that artificial intelligence and data resources will not replace the need of human thinking but it opens the world for something bigger to all of us. And that is the point we should make: We get this extraordinary chance to focus on more relevant, more human, more creative things and we should not miss it!