Mind POVs

Maintaining Loyalty and Managing User Experience

Written by Paul Linely

Tencent is my everything right now. After sitting in on the session Creating Exceptional Experiences for One Billion Users with Seng Yee Lau the Senior Executive VP of Tencent I haven’t been able to stop thinking of the amazing work they have already done and the impact massive they will have on the North American market once they inevitably build an ecosystem similar to Asia.

Platform companies such as Tencent, Google and Amazon are creating billions of users around the world and at the same time disrupting and restructuring many industries. These platforms need to win the hearts of users, maintain loyalty and be responsible for managing each of their experiences.

In the words SY Lau Tencent believes “Good experience satisfy individual demand while exceptional experience resonates within a human nature”. This is how Tencent has won the hearts of a billion daily user. They built a connected cultural experience while maintaining 1 to 1 relationship that allows users to stay independent. Brands that are not giant platform companies can also use this approach to win consumer’s hearts. Put consumer experience first; connect them and make them feel part of a cultural but do not forget they are an individual.

There was so much great content in this one session, luckily it was a live stream session and is now available on Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity YouTube channel under Creating Exceptional Experiences for One Billion Users.

I urge you to check it out; I have already watched it twice and will again during my travels tomorrow.