Young Lions 2018

Lauren Bray

I’m not sure I can clearly articulate how excited I was to hear Mindshare were sending me to Cannes as a part of their Young Lions program. In the six years I’ve worked at Mindshare in both the UK and Australia I’ve had some fantastic opportunities but none quite as exciting as a week in Cannes. “What’s getting me excited for the week that is fast approaching?” Glad you asked.

As technology continues to develop we run the risk of focusing too much time and effort on creating digital or augmented experiences for consumers. While technology helps enable progress we must remain mindful of how our audiences are truly engaging with our brands and products in a physical space. My focus for my week at Cannes will be to understand how we can utilise “real world” interactions and the value of experience to drive our clients’ brands further whilst integrating the latest technology in a meaningful way.

There’s already been some incredible work done in this space; Nike China’s High School Basketball is an amazing example of demonstrating a product’s value and the consumer mindset and truly delivering stand out with an unbeatable experience. Nike is a brand who understands this space and I am really looking forward to attending the talk about the creation of Breaking2: Nike’s audacious effort to beat the two-hour marathon.

While Nike’s efforts are quite literal examples of brands using tech to push boundaries in the physical world and with physical experiences through their products there are some other interesting implications of this space. Particularly when exploring the five senses and how these can be exploited in unexpected ways to drive outcomes for consumers and brands. There are a few key talks on this topic at Cannes which I am also really interested to attend and understand further. There are two talks in this space which particularly stand out to me.

Sonic Arousal – A live neuroscience experiment – this takes a curious approach to exploring the power that sound can have on the brain, from physical changes in breathing to emotional reactions to music you may/may not like.

The second talk in quite a similar vein is The Tongue Paints what the Eyes can’t see. This is a foray into sound but from a spoken perspective. Voice is undeniably a hot topic and with predictions that within the next two years we will see voice account for half of all search it’s interesting to question how brands will sound and what kind of impact that will have on consumer sentiment.

The future of media will continue to rely on interactions which are meaningful for consumers. It’s important that we continue to acknowledge the physical world/experience as well as ensure we have truly considered the various factors we can impact as new technology develops and further blurs the line between humans and machines.

Written by Lauren Bray