Young Lions 2019

Katerina Faktorova

Cannes sounds a bit like a dream that seems to be unreachable and now it’s here! Nothing will prepare you for this and then you are packing your luggage. As an ambassador from a very narrow and specific market, I am especially looking forward to collecting valuable know-how from the best experts in the field and looking at the challenges with new eyes, because sometimes the daily work leaves us with blinders.

The Cannes Lions festival fits me perfectly, as I am part of the creative solutions team in Prague. I am hungry for all the creativity lectures: what are the latest techniques, how to talk about creativity with clients and how to create the best solution? I think especially Creativity Matters or Building An Army of Super Creatives, The Crisis in Creative Effectiveness, can answer my questions. I am also looking forward to Why Your Strategy Needs More Chaos, because I love to listen to excuses for chaos! 

This year, we cover several themes and I am very happy that we are also trying to open and implement these topics together with our clients on the Czech market. For example, Sustainbility is one of the themes when companies try to find balance in society, economy and environment. Since we also have several non profit companies under the wings, I am looking forward to the lecture from Nilesen - Taking and Stand: The Value of Neuroscience in Socially-Charged Advertising, which will give us the best works of the non-profit sector. Another of the many sessions I am excited about is "One Planet, One Health": Danone's Journey into Activism because the issue of food quality and better handling affects us all.

Although I am representing the online department, I am obsessed with paper notebooks and I can’t wait to get a good notepad that will be my Cannes journey partner – so we won’t miss anything important. 

Written by Kateřina Faktorová