Young Lions 2018

Irem Limnili

Well, actually I’d just got tickets for Beyonce & Jay Z concert in Amsterdam right before I heard I was the chosen one from Turkey office who will attend the Cannes Lions International Festival as a Young Lion! So, I didn't hesitate even for a second to cancel my trip to Amsterdam to live my dream in Cannes in the same dates!

As I'm working as a Business Planning & Strategy Manager, I get real greedy about learning new insights which I can implement to my job and share with my team. That’s why attending in Cannes and writing POV’s for my colleagues around the world made me super excited! Hearing from the leading disruptors in ‘Brand Purpose’ theme including Culture, Brand Power, Responsibility, Diversity, Ethics will be priceless for me. As this area will lead to ‘cultural revolution’ globally and brands are seeking a ‘good’ reason to hold; I am wondering how top brands tap into doing good, why a good cause should be aligned with brands, how it affects the brands’ power, perception and positioning within market; moreover, how ‘emerging technologies’ are used to create a good cause! In this sense, I am mostly looking forward to attend the session ‘Searching for Syria- Using Technology for Good’ in order to understand Google, UNHCR and R/GA‘s innovative solution to focus on today’s one of the most common issue in globally: Syria.

On the other hand, I’m sure we will be seeing some of the best works about the reflection of this cultural revolution. I think one of the Mindshare’s provocative campaign ‘If Only Pigs Were Chickens’ for The Danish Animal Welfare Society and Velux’s campaign about ‘The Indoor Generation’ will leave their mark on Cannes Lions Festival.

Finally, another session I can’t wait to attend is ‘Jacks of All Trades, Masters of Some’ by Shaquille O’Neal since I’m a huge fan of him and NBA League. In my opinion, his entrepreneurial spirits with analyst mind would be an inspiration for marketers as me.

Surely all of the sessions, workshops, parties will be great to experience; however connecting with colleagues from all over the world and sharing my learning with #TeamMindshare is the greatest!

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