New Digital Era POVs

Human AI

Written by Elizabeth Lor

In line with the theme “New Digital Era”, the ‘Human AI and the Personalization of Customer Experience’ session not only highlights AI as a big industry trend but showcases a prime, barrier-breaking example of its use. 

Taking the stage was CEO of prestige skincare brand SK-II and co-founders of Soul Machines. What initially appeared on the screen as a static, female individual’s headshot was soon unveiled as ‘YUMI’ – ‘the first autonomously animated digital influencer’ powered by AI. Soul Machines conducted a live demonstration to showcase the technology behind YUMI – in the form of live conversations between YUMI and one of the Soul Machine’s Co-Founders – YUMI was not only able to engage in ‘unaided’ conversation, but infused humour and wit into her dialogue. YUMI learns and is able to engage in face-to-face conversations with the consumer – providing relevant, personalized advice to their questions. She learns via pre-as well as continuous exposure to brand and product information and on-going consumer conversations. 

YUMI represents the next frontier in AI and SK-II’s way of achieving an elevated, more connected and humanized user experience – taking ‘chatbots’ to the next level. Soul Machine’s co-founder puts into perspective the sheer importance of brands embracing AI technology by framing it as a “fundamental competitive advantage that can’t be ignored.”