Authenticity POVs

How can we get creatives to get excited about gender equality?

Can creativity really change the world for better? This has been a re-occurring question throughout this year’s Cannes.

“People see ads more than they read books, watch movie or TV by far,” Said Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook,  “we have the power to change stereotypes, and it’s the advertising industry that can lead.”

But how can we get creatives to get excited about gender equality and other issues?

Madonna Badger, CCO of Badger and Winters responded that Cannes Lion can be one of the most important point for changes.

“Seeing overall now how many Lions people are winning, for example and how much attention brands and workers get by doing the right things will encourage creative.”

In advertising, objectifying still exists, and stereotypes are deeply rooted in culture. “Good news is ad industry has the power to change this.” Sheryl Sandberg concludes.

28% of TV ads negatively portray women. And how can ad industry change that?

“Have empathy.” Saids Madonna Badger. “Will you be ok if it’s your daughter, your mother, you sister or you? If not, then no. Period.”

Written by Chaojie Miao