Young Lions 2018

Helen Stenton

To get taken to Cannes by Mindshare is a great surprise and a truly exciting opportunity.

My colleague and friend Lauren Bray and I entered the Guardian Young Lions competition without expecting to make it to the final 5. The experience of working on a homelessness charity brief and responding within 24 hours was a valuable and challenging experience and we are both excited that it has lead us to Cannes (despite not winning!)

Now that the agenda for the week is launched it is beginning to feel closer and I cannot wait to immerse myself in the talks, events, and activities across the week. There is so much going on I have focused around the theme of greater good to help me choose across the broad variety of topics.

I am looking forward to broadening my understanding of how brands are and can do good. As marketers we learn the best means of communication and methods to reach an audience and we should use these skills, data and experience for the greater good.

I am interested to learn more about how technology can (and should) be used for good. Facebook launched the ‘mark as safe’ button so now if there is a crisis at the click of a button they connect families and put minds at rest. This is just one simple but effective example and I am excited to learn how other brands are using interactive experiences and technology as a force for good.

It is not only through our exposure to technology that we are well placed to encourage brands to do good. We are at the forefront of creativity and know the best way to reach consumers. I am particularly interested to attend “Cinema Steps up to “Feed Our Future”” to learn how they used creativity to solve Sustainable Development Goal – Zero Hunger, watch this space..!

Lastly I am particularly interested in attending the LADbible talk on “why gender inclusivity matters to the social generation”. As the world’s leading social platform they are using their reach and voice for good. Their campaign Trash Isles is the perfect example of a brand doing good by raising awareness of the oceans trash problem in a way that engages their audience. As a publisher they have a captive audience of engaged millennials so I am interested to learn how they are putting gender inclusivity at the forefront and how they are encouraging brands to do the same.

Written by Helen Stenton