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Health Explosion

Written by Camille Lin 

Today I’ve spent a lot of time at Lion Health sector. Health and Wellbeing is a topic that I genuinely care and passionate about. Even though there’s a lot of legislations and restrictions in the pharma business, I still think creativity is the deciding factor for business in the sector and for changing people’s life.

I’ve sat in a session hosted by WPP health to talk about China and the Health Explosion. Data and tech are playing significant role in helping people get easy access to healthcare, people can book specialist at their fingertips and talk to physicians directly through tools like Wechat, while this market is also tricky for situations like it is much focused on cure than care, half of the certified doctors are not even college graduates and private insurance is almost nonexistent. There is a lot of discussion around data privacy, how people behave and want in this market, and what global brands need to caution when communicate with Chinese consumer. What I can take away is that local nuances matter, and we always need to start from understanding how people make decisions, and for China it is no different from elsewhere in the world.

I’ve also been to an interesting yet practical session to understand what creativity is and how everyone can grow creativity from a neuroscience perspective. Creativity is about how well person can switch between different models of cognitive processing – interchanging between diverging thinking with convergence thinking. It’s about how well one can “connect the dots”.

Surprisingly, the speaker mentioned that Tom Brady, the world’s probably best football quarterback has been utilizing a set of brain exercises to achieve peak performance and exercise on the millisecond reaction. Since then, Brady has led the Patriots to four of five Super Bowls. If this can be applied on athletes, then there is no reason that we from this ad industry cannot benefit from. Creativity still is the defining thing as what we have as an industry. We just tend to forget our need for control that creativity is the thing that actually delivers, the thing we actually live for our clients.

Here’s 8 interventions to do to build that brain plasticity to grow creativity:

  1. Nature – Brain scans showed that leaving the urban concrete environment and connecting with nature, can change neural pathways and unlock inspiration
  2. Mindfulness – Being creative with deadlines requires control over your mind and emotions. Mindfulness training allows people to take back control over their minds, allowing creativity to flow on moments when this is critical.
  3. Cardio – Creativity is inherently linked to effective neural processing. Mind and body is one. Creativity will grow by improving delivery of nutrition and oxygen to the brain and relieving stress levels.
  4. Micro-dosing – lol.
  5. Neurofeedback – change people’s default mode of operating
  6. Moderate ideas
  7. Opposing views
  8. Food

It’s serious science, developed, tested, refined and validated. It’s eye-opening to me as I always thought that creativity is depending on people and how they grew with it. Knowing that everyone can exercise and build that muscle, I’m relieved and motivated to become more aware of my own brain and get better control over that defining power in our industry.