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Getting Your Return On Experience

Written by Lauren Bray

Technological development is increasingly providing a catalyst for brands to interact and connect with people in new are personal ways. Technology is becoming integrated into consumer lives and brands must understand how to create amazing experiences which blend the physical and technical. Today’s IAA talk addressed exactly this point, as a part of this Tim Kobe, Founder & CEO of 8 inc spoke about five key ways to ensure you get return on experience.

1. What does the experience do for people? What is the intended human outcome of the experience you’re building? This is a question you must interrogate to ensure that you truly are putting the consumer, as a person, at the heart of your brand. A great example he gave of this was the launch of the iPod. Who remembers the dimensions or storage space of the first generation iPod (or any)? Exactly. The key takeout from that launch was and is “1,000 songs in your pocket”. If you nail the human outcome it leads to business outcomes and that’s what our clients want.

2. Generated from uncommon insights In the age of big data we all seem to be analysing and building off some very similar data sets and generating common insights. Doing this will not separate you from the pack. How many times have you heard brands say they’re servicing “the now economy” or another clichéd ad term? Let’s not get insight fatigue.

3. Be Truly Courageous “Guys what if nobody comes tomorrow?” a question asked by Steve Jobs the night before the first Apple store opened. Opening the physical store went against all advisor and shareholder advice. However, if he had of waited it would have likely been a case of wait and see equating to wait and die. Differentiation is one of the strongest attributes a brand can have but too often we look to the category and competitors to try and inspire differentiation – this seems counter intuitive. 80% of CEOs think their offering is differentiated but only 8% of consumers feel the same.

4. Remain Relevant and Connected The fastest growing companies in the world right now are those who get smarter every time a consumer touches them. While every brand might not be able to adopt this level of consumer connection they must take and learn from each touch point they have and ensure they build consumer experiences in a way that enables them to learn.

5. Build Irrational Loyalty 80% of word-of-mouth is driven by direct experiences – McKinsey. What can your brand/product offer which truly aligns to your philosophy as well as your consumer’s needs. Find the space where your consumer needs help the most and offer a relevant solution. This will create an experience they won’t be able to resist sharing or repeating et viola (I am in Cannes after all) you’re building a deep set loyalty and business results.

Through all of these I keep coming back to the thought that we mustn’t forget the human consumer. They need to dictate how you establish a connection. From how you position a brand to how they purchase and research your product. Remember who you are creating for, understand their needs, behaviours and values, learn from the way they interact with you and think seriously about how you improve that in a way which will build advocacy.